Monday, June 25, 2007


OK, I know. I need to finish the Quiet Man Saga. But, I am trying to get the hell out for a vacation and its been hellish with the passport thing and all, and I don't have the time, so it will have to wait until I get back from Europe in mid to late July.

And I still have not packed one thing and I still need to get more things. I am now trying to get organized- ie should I take my digital camera or buy a small newer one? I have a "bulky" sony one-a cd mavica-nice camera but large; should I take my lap top? Should I rent a GMS phone?

Should I bring curling iron and try those horrid plug converters? Should I buy new converters? What the hell am I going to do on the plane for 6-8 hours or whatever the damned flight length is or is not?

How many outfits should I bring-about two per day? How many shoes can I bring versus how many I want to bring? Where can I get a damned lightweight shawl for visiting the the Vatican when I get to Italy since you can't go sleeveless in the tempestuous heat and can't wear shorts either.

What should I bring besides Benadril if the sun gives me a rash as it usually does but has not lately, but as of late, yes it has and a weird one at that: on the tops of my hands by each thumb- just some slightly raised bumbs that do not itch, but make me scratch them lightly every onece in a while. What the hell is that crap anyway? Another thing to figure out, in addition to whether or not my fantastically pink Victor Longo lip gloss, acted as a magnifying glass to my lips last week when I somehow got a bad case of chapped lips after hanging out in the sun with it for about 1.5 hours.

Should I buy running shoes- I don't run- for the support or buy those nice pink NIKE sneakers that look like shoes but are not but look like they don't have any cushioning either?

So these dopey questions are what are occupying my thoughts at the moment, including the poundage permitted to fly-suitcase I mean. I can only take ONE DAMNED SUITCASE!!!!!!

Wish me luck in remaining sane, while holding ad infinitum with the passport people and hoping to GOD that it arrives Thursday as my local congressional office was told it would-WHEW!


fatwonkkid said...

if you are allergic to the sun that would really suck ass. although it could be worse, you could have an allergy to air.

ShadowFalcon said...

I'm guessing your off to Rome, Rome rocks i went lsat summer - you need a pair on comfy shoes and cardigan for St Peters and loads of water! oh and a camera enjoy!

Gucci Muse said...

Fatwon, I hope I am not getting allergic to the sun, that would suck.

Shadow, Rome is so oppressively HOT and I hope they will let me wear a light/seethrough shawl over a tank top dress-the thought of wearing a cardigan will make me pass out. I know I should be wearing sneakers but I am planning on using flip flops alot, so hopefully they will be ok- not as good as sneakers with great support, but good-I hope- but a lot cooler.

Legaleagle said...

Oh, GM, I'm such a traveler! A few tips:

1. Take a deep breath, open a bottle of wine and start packing.

2. BEFORE packing, lay everything out on the bed that you want to pack.

3. Take one dress (evening/cocktail, if you're planning on going out), seven shirts, five bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, etc.). up to 2 sundresses and four pairs of shoes -- one really nice that you can pair with the cocktail dress, two nice casual pairs and a pair for serious walking. As for underwear, take as much as you'll need. And don't forget socks!

4. Take the camera you have in your carry on. Take a change of clothes in your carry on. Make sure you can live for three days with what's in your carry on and your purse.

5. Take your laptop. You can upload pictures each night and won't run out of memory space. And you can keep in touch with the real world and e-mail pictures to people and make them jealous.

6. The limit for international flights (for most airlines) is 50 pounds. And why can you only take one? Most airlines allow two without a charge. Stick to the packing list and you'll be fine. And roll your clothes tightly. And hotel worth a damn has an iron or a steamer, so you don't have to worry about wrinkles. And yes, take your curling iron.

7. As for what to do on the plane, just relax, enjoy the movie and sleep. Get a good book, suduko or whatever you can do to keep you busy. Take your iPod if you have one.

8. SUNSCREEN. I love the Coppertone sport (I have problems breaking out in the sun too and that's been pretty good) SPF 30.

9. As for running shoes, I have a pair of the Nike shoes (in a steely grey, not pink) and they have wonderful support.

Have fun, be careful and blog all about it when you get home!

Gucci Muse said...

Legal- wow thanks, that make sense, especially the wine, which I think I will definitely do!

I usually just throw everything into the suitcase and wonder what they heck I am missing.

I will probably pack on sat night-and I tried on those new nike runners they had and my damned heel kept popping out the back of the sneaker-so I have to keep looking- yes you are right, I can take two suitcases, they gave me wrong info.

I have decided right now to take four sundresses, three skirts, two pairs of nike pants (mid calf legnth- I can live in pants like that all day)- three pairs of flip flops, one super casual- Reef flip flop rubber bottomed-one with a more shoe like botton and another more formal/causual with a wedgie like heel like for a day dress & shawl for the vatican, tank tops and probably some v-neck cotton tees.

In addition to all the other CRAP- like makeup, toiletries, nail polish and all such nonsense. I know I will be overweight b/c I always have the feeling to BRING IT ALL so I won't be without. Weird.

I bought three new pairs of shoes today not including the Reef flip flops-thin strap-and one is a gorgeous cork wedge with an open toe, strapless, but its unrealistic, so I will leave it for home use-

I have been advised when in Rome to wear sneakers even with a skirt or a dress due to all the walking-so I may buy a pair of sneakers that form fit the foot like a shoe-you know, without the shocks at the heel- but being the shoe conscious one, I can't seem to get over this, but I sure don't want cuts into my foot because I was dopey about the shoe. Wearing a shoe all day at work is not the same as wearing it all day in the heat walking for hours on end.

I am dying to find a light weight cocktail dress but so far, no luck. Well, I have seen some in some kind of nylon but I know that a cotton "cocktail" dress is too casual.

Anyway, my ex BF who I went to Rome with me the first time, can't wait to hear what is going to happen-kind weird, I think-he was kinda bummed he was not going as well-and he is now married.

I appreciate your suggestions, which are definitely going to help me out.

If I get pinched in the a$$, I will definitely blog about it. ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!