Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nazi Sex

WWII. France. Germany.

Who would have guessed?

A new book is coming out regarding the sexual romps of the French women and the Nazi soldiers they entertained.

"A new book which suggests that the German occupation of France encouraged the sexual liberation of women has shocked a country still struggling to come to terms with its troubled history of collaboration with the Nazis.

Like a recent photographic exhibition showing Parisians enjoying themselves under the occupation, the book’s depiction of life in Paris as one big party is at odds with the collective memory of hunger, resistance and fear.

“It is a taboo subject, a story nobody wants to hear,” said Patrick Buisson, author of 1940-1945 Années Erotiques (“erotic years”). “It may hurt our national pride, but the reality is that people adapted to occupation.”

Many might prefer to forget but, with their husbands in prison camps, numerous women slept not only with German soldiers – the young “blond barbarians” were particularly attractive to French women, says Buisson – but also conducted affairs with anyone else who could help them through financially difficult times: “They gave way to the advances of the boss, to the tradesman they owed money to, their neighbour. In times of rationing, the body is the only renewable, inexhaustible currency.

Cold winters, when coal was in short supply, and a curfew from 11pm to 5am also encouraged sexual activity, says Buisson, with the result that the birth rate shot up in 1942 even though 2m men were locked up in the camps. "

You can read the rest of Matthew Campbell's article in the UK Times here.


Glamourpuss said...

What troubles me about this is that the women are presented very unfavourably - and if sex was merely expedient, where is the liberation?


ShadowFalcon said...

well thats something I did know!

David said...

You know that headline is going to really attract some strange google search visitors.

Gucci Muse said...

Puss-well the whole situation was very unfavorable-I guess most of us would do it to survive; the double standard, as unfavorable as it is, remained in place apparently since it still is in full force today.

Shadow-I did not know it either!

David-I never thought of that!

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Know I've been MIA and that this comment has nothing to do with your posting... but... in case you're interested, our travel blog is up and running while we're away. Peace - IF


SUBHADIP said...

Hi GM..whats the name of this Book on Nazi Sex?http://subhadip-writerscolumn.blogspot.com/

Gucci Muse said...

Sudhadip-it was in the article- and I think it is in French: Patrick Buisson, author of
1940-1945 Années Erotiques