Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello, David

Last night, I was home alone after visiting my brother, his wife and my beautiful nephew, who is about eight months old.

I called the ex, Dick, and was going to invite him over to eat with me. I was preparing a steak chili, which was on my mind since that morning after arranging the cans in the cabinet, having read the back of one of them.

My sister in law and I had gone to the local Mall that day in the hopes of finding a realistic and traditional Santa for my nephew's first Christmas. We are all trying to normalize things despite my mother's killing, and this was one of those activities in the attempt at making the normalization process work.

I called Dick again, no answer on his cell. I decided to make the steak chili anyway, figuring it would last me for a few days. I am not used to cooking for one, having come from a family of five siblings, having cooked for the lot of them for most of my life.

I prepared the chili and it's accompanying cous-cous. Depsite having omitted most of the ingredients the canned recipe called for, such as sugar, cinammon, tomato soup and oregano, the chili tasted pretty damned good.

After I finished eating, Dick calls. He was in the supermarket, buying King Crab.

As I previously relayed, Dick is a Taurus and their fascination with food is uncanny. What is also unfair is his ability to not pack on the pounds and cut a very striking figure.

For instance, true to form, I was speaking to him the other night, telling him instead of meeting him, I was going with a friend who was picking up something she wanted from FreeCycle. I happened to mention I was eating a grilled cheese sandwich, something quick and easy because I was getting picked up in few minutes.

No sooner were the words out of my mouth, I heard the lust of food in his breath before he said that sounds so good; and with that, he ended the phone call because he was well on is way to making his own grilled cheese concoctions. It is literally as he became blinded or mesmerized by the suggestion of food.

So he asked me if I wanted King Crab. No, Dick, I do not, I just ate. He asked if he could come over with his groceries and though I was tired at this point and in sleep wear, I agreed.

When he arrived, he had about three pounds of Crab, four cannisters of Pillsbury Crescent rolls and one pound of butter.

I had a large pot ready so he could steam his crab and pre-heated the oven for his crescent rolls. He melted one half pound of butter into which he put his de-shelled crab. He also dipped those already buttery crescent rolls into the melted fat.

As he sat at the table eating, he was unable to finish because he had a large bowl of steak chili, proclaiming his approval of its goodness, with every other mouthful, prior to shoveling large spoonfuls into his mouth. He scoffed at the cous-cous since it did not contain any oil or butter.

I had the television on in the kitchen and we watched television as he ate and I drank a cup of hot tea.

Dick is the most prolific channel changer, having to have total control of the remote. I never did enjoy watching television with him due to this unruly habit of overworking the control; bits and snippets of various movies, shows or news was not how I enjoyed the television. On occasion, he would have the opposite effect of his regular viewing habit-he would doggedly watch something he found of interest.

And last night, he had on the Discovery Channel's secrets of the Free Masons, talking his way through this program, complaining every time a commercial was on. This was about 1 am and I was beginning to think it was a creepy show. I am not a fan of being creeped out knowing I was alone at home for the night after Dick would finally leave. He insisted on relaying to me information about various evils. We went from watching the Food Network to creepy Free Mason secrets.

As I was sitting there, trying to not fall asleep, hoping Dick would decide to go home, I see my new blog friend, David, on the television. When I first saw him, I was a bit confused. Having had the initial instinct of recognition, it took me a minute to remember where I had seen that face. Albeit, his hair was short, but it was he. I was so surprised, I called out, I know him! Dick was demanding how I knew someone who was obviously living in England.

No one I know, knows about this blog. I had to fend for an explanation of how I recognized this man, David. My explanation was truthful, having read his wonderful words on his website about London.

Hello, David, so nice to have seen you last night. Good thing Dick was more interested in his cup of hot cocoa laced with Bailey's; and my promise to provide him with homemade marshmallows when I get around to making them, and, permitting him to see how it is done. A good thing.


Glamourpuss said...

As a Taurus myself. I entirely empathise with Dick. Food is my world.

Excuse me, I need to go make a grilled cheese sandwich.


Gucci Muse said...

Ah, then Puss, you would understand Dick perfectly-he literally travels far and wide as well to eat particular foods.

David said...

Marshmallows in hot chocolate is a wonderous thing.

I cannot abide to see myself on television so you have my sympathy for the shock of seeing my face appear on the screen.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

HA HA! Dick tried to give you crabs!! Get it?? HA HA HA HA HA!!!

The Charming Hedonist said...

The Taurus-food thing explains SO much about my mother....

Gucci Muse said...

David, some velvety rich chocolate with homemade mallows would be so great right now!

And, you looked great I thought! The only shock was the mind fart I had from the delayed recognition of you.

Dyck-well I was not thinking that when Dick was dishing out the Crab, but good observation in word play.

Charming-I bet I would love your mom!

David said...

I try to go in disguise when I do television these days.

Gucci Muse said...

David-Disguise? Really you should not-I thought you looked great-and though I was unable to hear what you were saying-b/c I was trying to remember why you looked familiar-I did notice your deep passion in speaking.

That is what was overpowering-so I don't know why you would bother with a disguise-if you must, just speak in shadow and be completely mysterious.

David said...

If they had let me, I'd have been in the shadow to spare everyone sight of me and have an actor do my voice as well.

Gucci Muse said...

David-I can't believe you would say that about yourself-if I personally knew you or if I was Surreal Girl, I would slap you silly and demand you confidently step up to the plate for your own good. And if you realy thought that, then you would use an avatar and blog incognito, now wouldn't you? :)

But I think the most attractive thing about you, now not even really knowing you makes it presumptuous of me to say, is your mind. That is what is noticed. Have confidence in that and nothing else matters.

David said...

One can genuinely feel this way and yet still have an avatar. In a way, the avatar was a rude gesture to those who made death threats towards me, a gesture to say that while in my blog I cannot say where I live for security reasons, I am not so scared I will go faceless – even if I dislike my face. I used to have great confidence in my mind, but after the ravages upon it from the strokes even that is hard to do.

David said...

One can genuinely feel this way and yet still have an avatar. In a way, the avatar was a rude gesture to those who made death threats towards me, a gesture to say that while in my blog I cannot say where I live for security reasons, I am not so scared I will go faceless – even if I dislike my face. I used to have great confidence in my mind, but after the ravages upon it from the strokes even that is hard to do.

Gucci Muse said...

What to do with you David, what to do.

How brave you are-though I am unaware of why you are getting death threats-from your stated points of view or opinions I surmise.

I don't see why you don't like the way you look. I like the way you look and see no reason why you should not.

So sorry you had strokes-but if the way you see the world and express yourself is the result of diminished capacity, then I can only wonder in awe at how your mind worked prior.

I am slowly but surely working my way through your blog-so that is where may be the answers of threats and strokes.

David said...

I think death threats come with the territory of writing books on crime and conspiracies.

Before the strokes I used to be pleased enough with my mind, but post them – especially the one where Anne-Marie left me paralysed on a cold kitchen floor for more than 18 hours – I find it very so-so.

Gucci Muse said...

Wow, what a bitch- really. And a sow as well.

So brave you are David. How creepy. I don't know how you have any peace.

David said...

And of the day my tumours were discovered, she announced we were over after nine years (she had been having an affair).

Gucci Muse said...

I cannot believe the crass behaviour of this one- I hope you see her as you portray her. Geez! You deserve better.

David said...

I portray only the half of it and still my heart is wounded, still I have nightmares of loss and trauma.

Gucci Muse said...

David- are you kidding? There is at least 50% MORE crap she did to you-you poor, poor soul. What kind of hold does this oddity have on you?

David said...

I have not seen her in more than two years and will never see her again in person. She is on track to a be a famous human rights lawyer and is already a renowned photographer so no doubt her name and face will haunt me in the news as well as my dreams. The hold, even after everything and this time, a small part of the heart that still loves.

Gucci Muse said...

HOW IRONIC! A human rights lawyer- HA- if that is not calling the kettle black.

And the obvious forgiveness in this horrid tale of her less than poor treatment of you speaks to the humanity and gentleness of your character. Something she obviously did not pick up during the relationship.