Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chicken Kabobs

After BC, I studied in England at the University of London and traveled around for about 6-8 months in Europe. We lived in South Kensington on Queens Gate.

Going to pubs to drink warm beer, after hours clubbing, riding the tube at all hours of the day and night, eating chicken kabobs, going to the local 7-11 for tall cans of Heineken and having to call the U.S. at 12 am London time by standing in line on the street waiting to get into those famed red phone booths took priority to arriving to class on time or trying to adjust to the wonderful stiffness at Peat Marwick McLintock where I had an internship, and stupidly refused a job offer, due to having what I considered at the time an invitation I should not have refused, which I didn't.

But those chicken kabobs! You'd get them at night, while it was cold, usually when you got off the TUBE, running down the street, on the left had side. They where there, Right next to that cone shaped meat thing they would slice and put on a pita, like the chicken, with that savory cucumber sauce! They were hot. And Juicy. So savory, and OH SO GOOD! Wrapped tight in white non waxy paper, and once you get that first succulent bite, you'd have to slurp up the sauce and juice that tries to escape out of your bundle.

By the way, we did our best eating of them while walking or running our way back home to Queen's Gate. YUM!

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