Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rachel Ray

OK, I am so sick of seeing this woman with tight fitting tops and seeing her bellybutton protrusion looking like over plumped and sagging fish lips, to match her bass sized mouth.

Her voice is more than annoying in her guffaw type verbalization of goof ball expressions, bellowed in her manly, gutturally toned vocals. [Though I did see her with her husband in NYC on $40 a day, acting repulsively helpless and squeaky voiced-really gross]

Her lumberjack hands are just that-thick, short and squatty-ugh! A sharp contrast to her side slit teeny tiny almond shaped eyes. Yuck.

As to her money saving tips, she is not telling us anything a single celled creature can't figure out.

And for God's sake, will you WASH your mushrooms!

Oh, yeah: she needs a boob job if she insists on wearing those tight tops.

She does not eat on camera-just picks- but is still chunky looking for some reason.

AND WTF is it with the way she eats? The woman never encapsulates any utensil with her lips like the rest of us-it's a teeth clamping that goes on instead. EEWWW-so annoying. I guess she has a thing about her lips touching utensils.....

I don't know why this woman is so annoying-meaning why does she continue on and on with it? She cannot cook, well she can probably fry cook, and she does nothing interesting or skilled; yet, she gets paid millions for doing relatively nothing.

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