Sunday, February 4, 2007

Women Who Drag Their Males Shopping

How many of you have gone shopping, say at the Mall, and you decide to go into the lingerie section of a store or Victoria's Secret and there is some sow and her middle aged and nerdy BF in tow, who, no matter where you are trying to go, there he is, lingering, with a stupified look on his face.

And, all he does is STARE, when you are trying to look at a underclothings; there he is, STARING at what you are trying to look at, and then you notice him, and he keeps looking and you are pissed. You are thinking: how can I look at this stuff with that bloated and balding specimen of a man watching what I and everyone else is doing in the lingerie section? And the woman with no clue that he is with, runs around like she is the most desirable vixen looking at lingerie. How?

WHAT KIND OF NIT-WIT brings a man to a women's store? Apparently many do. I can attest to this fact many times over. And to report, they are stuck up and unattractive women who get some ego boost by having their, oohh, man in the lingerie section with them.

Why is consideration a dead concept to these people?

These men just plop themselves behind their women's hind end, and really do not care if they are taking up all the aisle space. They usually stand right in the way of anyone getting to a rack, buggy eyed, not even paying attention to who they are with. They hold their bags, droop their shoulders, and usually move their head in a slow-mo rotation fantasizing about what is around them.

Does anyone want to see this usually 40-50's type, who are utterly faithful the khaki pants, thick soled loafers and the standard leather bomber accented by the buttoned down pink oxford? No. We don't.

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