Saturday, February 10, 2007

Foot Arches

OK, I admit it-I have this particular repulsion with fallen arches. I prefer an arch that is defined and visible. I detest high arches, they look uncomfortable.

I was recently at a house gathering and the host, who most would consider particularly handsome, had his shoes off, in his own house, and all I could do after noticing his socked feet, was to try and not stare at his arches: fallen and protruding.

With each movement of his foot while he spoke, I noticed the arch lift as he rose his foot and squat as he put it down. When he turned the foot in, the arch pivoted the foot ever so slightly off of the floor into a 45 degree angle due to its touching the floor.

I was repulsed; I thought even the socks could not hide that fallen arch. What would it look like bare and naked? Probably riddled with little bumps that appear when there is weight put on the foot.

Why do I notice these things and why do they bother me? I don't know. All I could think of was why his girlfriend was seemingly unfettered by the fallen arches. Strange.

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