Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Real Housewives of Orange County

PUH LEEZ! Why do I watch this drivel? It is actually repulsive. HELL OH!

These women not only look like they have pulled their skin [ that looks like partially melted in the microwave plastic] over those bony faces, but they all have that fake looking Colorado Red Rock tan.

The one who works in the travel agency or whatever that business is [the one that is run by the woman with the crater pit dimples- geez, have you ever seen dimples so deep and nasty?]- who was moronic beyond belief, and is now engaged? What is up with that? She looks like she is 55-60 with a really bad face lift [eh, stretch], but supposedly she is only 45- HA!

All of them, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM, are completely useless. Charity? Altruism? Non existent there in COTO as long as these parasitic women are around.

Who I think are worse, are the men that WANT to support them-WTF is that all about? Support for useless women-blah blah blah about money and things and money and things and things and money- The beautiful people? Maybe, but there is alot of beautiful fruit with rotten insides that no one wants.

You can't take it with you and when you are standing there being called to account, its not going to matter about money, things, money, things... now will it? Now that is something they all can take to the bank.


mrsmogul said...

I have seen this twice and still wonder are they really all friends in real life or is this a set up?

Gucci Muse said...

I think they are all really fake with each other.

To them,their fake lives are real.

Look at the young latina one who is friends with the mother of the 20 year old she is attracted to despite living with another man-AND that man has problems trying to get the latina to settle down when all she wants to do is get drunk....

I don't think they even realize how fake their lives are-its so fake, its reality to them.