Friday, February 16, 2007


I read a blog today, as I usually try to do when I have a chance; actually, when I need to take a break from work or while chatting on the phone. It was about rice pudding and it was written by a Taurean woman.

It struck me as so ironically true; Taureans, mainly men, basically think of two things: food and sex. One is as important at the other.

I have dated Taurean men and every meal has to be an event-it revolves around the quality of the food, whether at a hole in the wall or fine dining.

Now, that is not to say that these fine specimen bulls are totally oblivious to the finer things, but let me tell you, if the food is tastier, more abundant and plain just delicious, they will ignore the most voluptiously naked female while they have food on their mind.

This is not to say that food does not enter into the romance department, but usually each event, food or sex/romance
(for with a bull, these are never really separate), each is as equally as pleasurable on its own. One usually follows the other and the routine is food first, then sex/romance.

The power of food with Taurus people is amazing. Many of them have quite a girth, and they still cut a fine figure. They usually are exceptionally beautiful. I have noticed common characteristics are the bovine eyes and the thick sturdy necks-yes even the women have them. If they are not the rare slender bull or cow, they are both usually top heavy, with the women having such an enormous top as wide as the chest is for the men.

The bulls I have dated have exceptionally shaped legs and from the waist up, a fine spread V shape and all have had exceptional upper strength. They are good protectors, but that comes with a price. Bulls or Cows rarely give up their possessions and that includes those of the human kinds.

As between both of these, I have learned each have explosive tempers, despite the tranquil lives they strive to protect. The women are more volitile when angered, like their bovine counterpart, they attack with their eyes open, making them more dangerous- they will seek you out.

Bulls shut their eyes before they charge, and Taurean men, basically do the same thing, because if they do not get you with the very quick and volcanic attack they can rapidly bring upon you-meaning EVERYTHING in their vicinity will be destroyed-once they open those eyes (calm down) they will not expend any more energy.

So, the rice pudding story was appropo as a topic for a Taurean blog. Really.

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