Sunday, February 18, 2007

Krazy Karla

Very gratefully, I stumbled upon another pop out your eyes to read every word blog. Well, my eyes popped long before I could read every entry, but no worries, I will return to finish reading the delightful craziness from Karla.

She not only is witty and sharp, but like a friend from CA once said, sharp like a tack. Now that is to the point.

She hit upon a topic I have mused about, mentally at least, during every trip to a public restroom and sometimes in private homes: the in-aliable TOILET.

Like Karla, I do everything I can to NOT touch a damned thing in any public restroom and I even lament when I have to use an arm or knee to maneuver hands free in that hell hole.

But, I never, as Karla, likened pee sprayed toilet seats AND FLOORS (yes, I will freak out if I thought I stepped on floor pee) to urinal cow spray. Quite a thought. She is quite right.

Why then do women pee on seats? I don't rightly know. I surmise that maybe they don't crouch closely enough to the toilet seat and miss, or they are crouched close enough and can't control the flow while trying to rely on thigh muscles to keep them from making contact with the toilet seat?

They might have a heavy pocket book dangling from their necks, keeping them off kilter from the toilet seat or are trying to hold an infant, keeping them from touching the pee floor and only have one hand to maneuver the removal of underwear and their bladder is not cooperating at such moments.

There could be many, many more reasons, too numerous to put forth here, in this blog, at least. But regardless of the reason, what defies LOGIC, is why why why these women are confounded by the additional and most useful use of toilet paper in a public restroom is to WIPE the seat!

So for now, I will make it a point to return to Karla's blog and see how well the toilet issue develops.


Ms Mac said...

I am super-squeamish about the use of public toilets which is only made worse by the fact that I still see women leaving public toilets without washing their hands. It really leaves me feeling quite sick. But you're right, how can other women leave toilets in such a state? Euurrggghhh! It's really quite revolting!

Gucci Muse said...

Yes, Ms Mac, you are correct- it's revolting-maybe toilets should be removed and in their place, a HOLE IN THE FLOOR will solve the problem!

I actually had to use a HOLE in the ground while traveling by train in the then Yugoslavia, behind a wall, in the dark, with a soldier a few feet from me. It was better than the train toilet, believe it or not!

Ray Gun Noey said...

It baffles me sometimes as to why people can't flush the toilet. And on the topic, toilet handles should never be touched with hands. I ALWAYS push the toilet handle with my foot. Like I want to slide my hand over an unlimitedly germy handle. nice blog Gucci Girl :D

karla said...

I'm not sure which post of mine you read (since, um, I tend to write a lot about women who pee on seats...oh how I hate them...), but I explore some of the reasons why I think these cattle do it in THIS post:

At any rate, thanks for reading! Keep the seats clean.

Gucci Muse said...


You are welcome! I really enjoy your style of writing. I am still working my way to read all of your entries!