Monday, February 5, 2007

The White Rapper Show

Yes, there really is a show called the White Rapper Show. And it's PHAT. Yeah, that is what I said.

These people are SERIOUS-half the time I can't understand what they are rapping and they are white. But its serious none the less. I am waiting for Flavor Flav to step on, if you dig it-oh, sorry, wrong era.

They have an elimination ceremony [notification by the "You Got Mayo" television IN DA HOUSE] on a make believe stoop where the loser STEPS OFF [yeah boyy!!] and then they HAVE TO give up their green converse sneakers, complete with their white rapper name graffitied on the side. MELT DOWN!

And, its an informational viewing hour. Who knew that rappers try out their new work at strip clubs to see how well the stripper takes to the rap, demonstrated to how good she feels and works the pole? Freestyle baby!

There is a lot of talk about "the old school" but they have to get into "the now" to avoid feeling stale and outdated. Got that? OK? FALL BACK! BE ON YOUR GAME and KEEP DOIN' WHAT YOU DO.

Persia, white rapper girl, according to herself, raps from the heart. Actually she sang on a rap they created for the "club songs" competition held at the strip club and it was a BANGER-seriously bro-she rules the White House- the place they are all shacked up in da' Bronx! "I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke, I wanna smoke in the club" yeah girl, that is a true banged up job. WORD.

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