Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Girls Next Door

Three tarts, please. Pop Tarts, that is.

Commune living at its best, except, its with Hef. Not a bad gig if you can get it, and these Girls got it.

Holly not only lives at the Mansion, but it seems out of all three girls, she also pays some regular visits to La La land, that is when she is not secretly fending off her competition Bridgett and Kendra. She always has this sour look on her face when during her cameo interviews when she has to acknowledge the other two. Well, Honey, it comes with the Territory when you are not the one and only GF to an 80 year old.

Not to go unnoticed, she always has to sit with Hef, in quiet riot kinda way to lay out her turf. Yep, he's MINE, that Puffin. STAY AWAY, uh, Bridgett and Kendra!

Holly is also the one who lays some pride into "boasting" about how good friends she is with all the ex-playmates who come to the house. Probably because she is not an ex herself. If she keeps dropping her marriage and kid "hints" to Hef, she may be the one who will be invited back to the Mansion.

See, Holly, as ambitious as she is, should take a hint from the other two, Bridgett and Kendra-two wary be wile women-who apparently know there is not marriage or a kid future with the 80 year old Hef, because he is just that-80- so in this category-and they don't want it but want the lifestyle-SO, Bridgett and Kendra get more IQ points than does Holly.

Bridgett and Kendra do try and keep themselves quite busy with Hef substituted activities. Bridgett and Gizzy-WTF is that-what a nasty ass feline-most likely because that cat is like WTF about her 30 something owner who puts her in straight jackets for teeth cleanings or poofy combing the kitty-GEEZ-the poor cat is like kill me now between Bridgett and her doggy companion Wednesday Adams. Who can make this stuff up?

Kendra is probably the most realistic-she is having the best time she can, she and her little pea brain that she busts open every now and then.

Poor Kendra, her mom tries to live the Vida Loca through her daughter and seems to vie at any opportunity to get in on the action-has she taken a look in the mirror? Maybe if she straightens out that mis-angled hair over one eye hairdo.........and all that Kendra thinks of besides sports, is PIMPING. Pimping this and pimping that-she even went as far to say if he had a little girl, she would PIMP HER OUT?@#$%

E [sans the exclamation point because the error message screams "these characters are not allowed"] does a good job of underscoring the bits of wisdom spewed by the three-and they are more than happy to keep it pumping.

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